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July 31, 2013

Robert Ruman of Deerfield Beach, Florida Arrested for Aggravated Battery

Robert Ruman of Deerfield Beach, Florida was arrested Thursday after he was accused of assaulting and threatening to kill his wife, Judy Ruman, following a dispute regarding their impending divorce, news sources report. Robert Ruman 55, was booked into the Broward County Main Jail on charges of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and attempted murder. A county judge ordered that he be held without bail and have no contact with the victim for the time being. It is unclear whether Mr. Ruman has retained a criminal defense lawyer.

According to reports, the Rumans had recently experienced a falling out and were planning a divorce. The idea of divorce greatly upset Mr. Ruman, sources allege. On Thursday, Judy reportedly claimed Robert had been acting oddly at their home in the 400 block of Southeast Fourth Street in Deerfield Beach before the alleged assault occurred.

Reports say the attack started when Robert beat Judy with his fists. During the alleged assault, Robert purportedly hit Judy in the head with an iron fireplace poker; bit off her right nipple; and cut and bruised her legs, arms, torso, and back. At one point, Ruman threatened to kill her and then himself, sources allege.

The victim was able to escape the home and flee to a neighbor's house later on that day, reports say. She then reportedly called the police. She was taken to Broward Health North, where she spent two days in the intensive care unit before she was released on Monday, sources say. Reports indicate that her head and face needed sutures and staples and that the attack left her with several permanent deformities.

Police responded to the couple's home, where officers reportedly came to a standoff with Robert. A Special Weapons And Tactics police was able to place Robert under arrest after an almost three-hour stalemate, sources say. During an investigation, police learned the alleged attack stemmed from Robert's unwillingness to divorce his wife.

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January 14, 2013

Jeannette Morris, Harold Anderson, Joan Hobart of Volusia County, Florida Arrested for Aggravated Battery

Jeannette Morris, Harold Anderson, and Joan Hobart of Volusia County, Florida were arrested Tuesday after they allegedly beat a man, then attached him to the back of a truck and dragged him around, news sources indicate. Morris, 61, Anderson, 64, and Hobart, 46, were booked on charges of aggravated battery and conspiracy to commit murder. It is not yet known whether the defendants have qualified for bail bond. It is also unclear whether they have hired an attorney.

Reports say the incident began at Morris's residence, where she lives with her ex-husband Robert Hall. The former couple was having drinks with Anderson and Hobart when Morris, Anderson, and Hobart began to assault 54-year-old Hall. The group purportedly incapacitated the victim using a stun gun and proceeded to punch him repeatedly in the face. They then allegedly bound his hands behind his back and tethered him to the back of a truck by his ankles. According to reports, the group dragged the victim down a road near the home. Afterwards, they allegedly hurled him into the trucks' bed, sliced off some of his hair, and discussed removing his scalp and burying him, reports say.

Hall was eventually able to break free and seek shelter at a nearby home, sources say. From there, he was able to call police and report the violent attack. When police arrived, Hall was reportedly wearing nothing but his underwear and had rope around his wrists and neck. He was also bleeding from injuries sustained during the alleged attack, sources say. Paramedics took the man to a hospital in Daytona for treatment for a number of injuries, including fractures to his face, internal bleeding in his brain, and a broken pelvis. It is not clear whether Hall had any idea of why his alleged attackers harmed him, nor is it known whether he shared this information with authorities.

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December 10, 2012

Carlos Alberto Rios of Davie, Florida Arrested for Attempted Murder

Carlos Alberto Rios of Davie, Florida was arrested Thursday after he was accused of following and opening fire upon a car, news sources indicate. Police say there were three people in the car that Rios shot at: the driver, a passenger, and 10-month-old infant. The victims, who were not named in news reports, were purpotedly not physically injured in the altercation. Rios, 24, was booked into the Broward County Jail on charges of premeditated attempted murder. A bail bond was not set. It is unclear whether he has hired a lawyer.

Reports say the alleged incident occurred around 4:30 Monday morning on a portion of Davie Road just south of Griffin Road. According to witnesses near the scene, Rios idled along the side of the road in his white Land Rover until the victim's gray Hyundai rolled past. Rios then allegedly trailed the car as it drove along Davie Road. According to reports, the driver of the Hyundai did not reportedly have any personal ties with Rios; the passenger, however, had purportedly known the man for nearly a decade. It is not yet known whether the two had been involved in some recent quarrel that may have led to the incident.

While Rios followed the car, he purportedly aimed a handgun out of the driver's side window and fired once at the victims before speeding off. At least one witness was able to write down his vehicle's plate numbers beforehand, sources indicate. When officers arrived to the scene, the witness handed the numbers over and detectives apparently discovered that the vehicle belonged to RIos.

It is unclear whether Rios commented on the alleged incident or provided an explanation for his purported actions during the arrest. It is also not yet known whether Rios had a license to carry the handgun, although he was not charged with illegal firearm possession. Police did not indicate whether they had recovered a weapon matching the description of the handgun during the arrest.

Rios is not the only Florida resident recently charged with wielding a firearm. Brandon Bivins of Deerfield Beach, Florida, who has previously been convicted of a felony, was arrested last week when police found him with a firearm, reports say. Bivins was booked into police custody on charges of possessing a firearm by a convicted felon. It is unclear whether he qualified for bail or has hired legal representation.

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September 12, 2012

Daniel Cole, Pinellas Park, Florida Highway Patrol Trooper, Shoots Clifford Work, Cemetery Owner

Daniel Cole, a Florida Highway Patrol trooper from Pinellas Park, Florida, was placed on administrative leave after he shot a cemetery owner in the leg during an investigation, reports say. The victim, Clifford Work, sustained a bullet wound to one of his legs and was taken to the Bayfront Medical Center. Work, 48, was armed at the time, but reports did not indicate whether he drew his weapon. The incident remains under FHP investigation. As more details come forward, it is possible that Cole could face criminal charges. It remains to be seen whether Work plans on filing legal charges against Cole for the shooting.

Reports say the incident occurred around 6:00 Monday morning. Trooper Cole was hunting down a stolen motorcycle, and signals from an anti-theft system of the vehicle led him to Royal Palm Cemetery in Pinellas County. Work, who reports say owns the company Work & Son, operates a number of cemeteries throughout Tampa Bay County, including Royal Palm Cemetery.

Work was at Royal Palm Cemetery Monday morning when Cole entered the premises in search of the missing bike. The trooper followed the signal from the bike until he stumbled upon a shed on the cemetery's property. Inside of the shed, Work was preparing for the work day, and the trooper purportedly saw that Work was armed. Out of fear for his own life, the trooper reportedly opened fire on Work, who took a bullet to his leg.

When wind of the shooting reached news outlets reporters began to question whether or not Cole was justified in the discharging his weapon. According to reports, Cole had been the center of similar controversy in February after dash cam footage from his cruiser showed him tazering a cuffed woman. Cole had pulled the woman over following a car chase. Reports say that when she was placed in hand restraints, she attempted to run off, prompting Cole shoot her with a stun gun from her rear flank. The woman plunged to the ground and bashed her head off the hard cement, leaving her in a coma-like state.

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June 25, 2012

Anthony Giancola of Lealman, Florida Arrested for Murder

Anthony Giancola of Lealman, Florida was arrested on Saturday after he was accused of attacking eleven people, killing two, according to news reports. Giancola, 45, was booked into on two counts of first degree murder and two counts of attempted morder. It is not yet clear whether he has qualified for bail bond or hired a private criminal defense lawyer.

According to news reports, Giancola has a background in education in the area. He began his carreer in area schools at a Tampa middle school in 1991, rising through the ranks to lead the Dorothy Thomas Exceptional Center of the Hillsborough School District in 1991. The school reportedly teaches at-risk children fro kindergarden up until high school, and it was there that Giancola became involved in an award-winning program called Kids and Canines, which allows children to help train assistance dogs. He was then promoted once more, this time to the principle position at Van Buren Middle School.

Giancola lost his job after he allegedly attempted to purchase crack cocaine from an undercover officer at Van Buren Middle School in December 2006, just a few months after he started at the school. He pled guilty to charges of possession of crack cocaine and marijuana and purchasing crack cocaie, for which he was sentened to a year behind bars. He was also dismissed from the school district at that time, according to news reports. Ginacola was forthcoming about his problems, telling reporteds in 2007, "I know I've disappointed a lot of people. I need to get my life together. And then maybe from that, other people will learn not to make the mistakes I've made."

Giancola now stands accused of attacking eleven people, killing two. The alleged rampage, which took place on Friday, started at 10:45 a.m. at a home for people with hearing impairments. Giancola allegedly entered the home and stabbed four of its' residents with a knife. One of the victims, 27-year-old Justin Lee Vand, was pronounced dead at the scene, and another 59-year-old Mary Anne Allis, was pronounced dead at the hospital shortly after the attack. It remains to be seen whether the families of the victims plan on pressing charges against Giancola. Also injured in the attack were 25-year-old Danielle Whitney Gilbert and 44-year-old Janice Denise Rhoden.

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May 28, 2012

Bobby Sippio of NFL Arrested for Attempted Murder

Bobby Sippio of NFL fame was arrested in Osceola County, Florida after he and Santana Coats were accused of trying to kill a third party, Sergio Moore, according to news reports. Moore, 27, is reportedly Sippio's roommate as well as Sippio's girlfriend's brother. Sippio, 31, and Coats, 30, were both arrested by Osceola County officials on charges of kidnapping, aggravated battery, and armed robbery. Sippio reportedly remains incarcerated at Osceola County Jail after being denied bail bond. It is not clear whether either defendant has retained a private criminal defense lawyer. It is also unknown whether Coats has qualified for bail bond.

Sippio is most widely known for his professional football career. Starting as an Osceola High School quarterback, Sippio went on to play college football at Western Kentucky before playing for 10 different professional teams, including the Dallas Desperados, the Detroit Lions, and the Tampa Bay Storm. His last stint was with the Orlando Predators, for whom Sippio played wide receiver.

Sippio was reportedly released from his position with the Predators three weeks prior to his arrest for a violation of the team's 'moral character standards.' "Bobby Sippio has been released by the Orlando Predators. He was placed on the inactive list two weeks ago due to conduct detrimental to the team. He has not been at team practices for the past three weeks, nor any team functions," a spokesperson reportedly stated. The Predators are currently experiencing a losing streak, most recently with the Jacksonville Sharks (55-37).

According to news reports, Sippio and Coats were accused of committing the offenses against Sergio Moore, 27. Moore is reportedly Sippio's brother's girlfriend, but the woman's name and age are not publicly known, and she does not appear to have commented on the alleged altercation. It is also not entirely clear what the alleged motive of the attack was. Although the allegations are for attempted murder, reports indicate that Sippio and Coats actually drove Moore back to his and Sippio's apartment after the alleged attack, and no further explanation has yet been offered.

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April 30, 2012

Antonio Tirado Shot in Volusia County, Florida Brawl

Antonio Tirado of Volusia County, Florida was shot in a 17-person brawl that started with a road rage incident, according to reports. Tirado, 21, was one of 17 persons aged 7-23 who was involved in the fight, which mostly occurred on the front lawn of a 17-year-old girl's home on Galena Terrace. Police are still searching for the shooter and the other attackers, reports indicate. It is not yet clear how many may be arrested in connection to the fight.

A Volusia County Sheriff's Office spokesperson indicated that the altercation began with a road rage incident, which occurred at approximately 12:30 a.m. on Elkcam Boulevard, near Galaxy Middle School. The girl told authorities that she was driving home behind another vehicle, which was moving very slowly. Police are not sure how fast the vehicle was moving, but the girl said that she moved closer to it in hopes that the driver would go faster. She reported that the driver in front of her hit the breaks and that she distanced herself from the vehicle. She told investigators that the car continued to drive slowly and that its occupants began to shout at her.

The girl told investigators that the car eventually left and that she arrived at her home. As soon as she pulled up, she said, the other vehicle reappeared. The teen told investigators that she got out of the car and approached the vehicle, and that several men got out. She alleged that the men started swearing at her, and that one walked up to her and punched her in the face.

There was apparently a gathering of sorts at the girl's home that night - six cars were parked outside of the residence, and there were a significant number of people inside. After hearing the commotion outside, people apparently exited the home and started fighting with the men who had come from the car.

The car and its occupants allegedly left scene once, at which point everyone retreated back into the home. The suspects then allegedly came back and attempted to incite the people in the home to come out and fight. When this tactic failed, the suspects allegedly left once more and came back with weapons. The weapons allegedly included shovels, baseball bats, and a gun. The suspects allegedly damaged the six vehicles that were parked outside of the home and shot into the house itself.

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January 16, 2012

Clarence Hall Arrested In Fort Lauderdale for Attempted Murder

Clarence Hall was arrested in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for attempted felony murder, burglary with assault or battery, throwing a missile into a vehicle, and criminal mischief causing damage over $1,000 this past Tuesday. Hall is allegedly responsible for causing an escaping victim to lose control of his vehicle, causing it to crash into a pedestrian. The pedestrian was pinned against a wall and has lost a leg as a result.Fort Lauderdale Criminal Lawyer Brian Y. Silber, Esq.jpg

Surveillance footage recently emerged of the gruesome scene. It is not yet known whether or not Hall has retained a criminal defense attorney.

According to police reports, at around 2pm on December 11, Hall was arguing with Timara Wimbar and her cousin David Thomas at Nada Market on the 1300 block of NW 6th Street, demanding to know why they were "in his neighborhood and [at] his store."

Wimar and Thomas reported that they had just stopped for a snack. Hall pursued them as they left, calling Wimbar a lesbian and trying to prevent the pair from entering their vehicle. Then, as the two got into their vehicle and prepared to drive off, Hall attacked the vehicle, kicking and hitting it, breaking off mirrors and damaging a door handle. He even reached inside the vehicle, attacking Thomas.

Fort Lauderdale Police Detective Travis Mandell said, "I can definitely tell you these were serious acts of aggression and Mr. Hall was extremely violent."

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June 2, 2011

Jane Gonzalez Arrested for Trying to Kill Kids in Coral Springs, Florida

Jane Gonzalez was arrested in Coral Springs, Florida for attempted murder of her own children. Gonzalez is going to need a criminal defense lawyer because these charges are very serious. According to news reports, Gonzalez allegedly rammed her Ford Mustang into the family's garage just after telling her children to take off their seat belts. She is being held without bond. When police arrived, Gonzalez allegedly fought with the police and supposedly tried to grab one of the officer's guns. As a result, Jane Gonzalez is not only facing criminal charges for attempted murder, but battery on a law enforcement officer, and for trying to grab the officer's gun. At her first court appearance, a judge denied her bond, noting that she allegedly told the children to take off their seat belts before crashing the car into the family garage. The news is reporting that part of the incident was recorded on a neighbor's surveillance camera.

This video footage will reveal a lot of important information about the case.

As a criminal defense lawyer, I can tell you that defending Jane Gonzalez in this case must take two approaches. First, Gonzalez's criminal lawyer must determine if the evidence supports the allegations being made by police. Second, if we were to assume the allegations are 100% true, it is clear that Gonzalez suffers from a serious mental health problem.

Unlike the nonsense you see on television when a mobster fakes being crazy, it sounds like Jane Gonzalez may have had a very real mental break down and may be incompetent to stand trial, or in the alternative, may actually have a real insanity defense.

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